About My House Drawings

They are drawn in pencil on a thick drawing board that does not bend or wrinkle. The size depends on the house but typically around 10-15″ wide for the house itself.

The price is based on the house. All houses are different because of the amount of detail. I look at a photo and figure out how long I think it would take and price based on that.

You can email me at: myhousedrawings@gmail.com for an exact quote for your house. Make sure you attach a picture so I can give you an accurate quote.

I draw for individuals, realtors, house renovators, ect.

How it works:

You send me a picture of the house you’d like drawn. I email you back with a price. If you decide you’d like it drawn, I’ll email you an invoice that can be paid online.

Once I start drawing the house, I will send you updates as I go. When finished, I will mail you the original drawing.