House Blog

As I walked up to the 1874 Beetison House I was envisioning the Indians walking the same path, as I’ve read, to see if the Beetison family would want to make a trade for some food and blankets. The Beetisons would watch for the Indians from their cupola on top of the house. This house stayed in the family for 5 generations until it was sold to a developer in 1999 who bought the land to put a golf course on. The golf course sits behind the house a ways. The house has been boarded up ever since.


Beiderbeck Inn, Davenport, IA– I was so happy to be able to draw the bed and breakfast and stay there for 2 nights while visiting Davenport, Dubuque & Galena! Charles and Louise Beiderbecke made their money by selling groceries and coal. By 1880 they were able to build their dream house. *the current owners have lived here for 18 years and have done a lot of work to the house. At one point, before the current owners lived here, the exterior was mostly stripped of the character that you now see again, during the time that it was turned into apartments. I should note that they aren’t done painting. The rest of the trim will be green where it is off white still.