House Tours


Mansion Tour in Iowa– Tour of a home that I have admired since I was little and finally got to see inside.

Pettigrew House Sioux Falls, SD– This house was built in 1889 for Thomas McMartin. In 1911, Senator Richard Franklin Pettigrew purchased the home for $12,000 and he lived here until he passed away.

The Thomas Kennard House, Lincoln NE– I’m glad I finally went because it may not stay a museum for much longer. Kennard and 2 other men, decided that they didn’t want the capital of Nebraska to be in omaha, so they decided on Lincoln, which used to be called Lancaster. There was nothing in Lancaster, not even trees. So they decided to each build a nice home to try to attract people here. (This is the only one that remains). Built in 1869 in #italiante style. 

The Porter House – Built in 1867 in Decorah, Iowa. Awesome tour if you’re ever in that area!

Wyoming Governor’s Mansion- Built in 1904 at a cost of  $33,253.29. Cheyenne, WY.

Byers-Evans House Tour- Denver, CO. Built in 1883. It has been restored to the period between 1912 and 1924 and more than 90% of the furnishings/decor in the house belonged to the Evans family. It was in the Evans family until the 1980s.